Frequently Asked Questions

What size boat stands do I need?

Call 1-800-533-8433 (US & Canada) / 1-508-758-3671 or click on the “Choose a Boat Stand” button above.  You’ll need to know your boat’s specifications; length, beam, draft and weight/displacement.

How much weight do your boat stands hold?

Boat stands are designed as a balancing device.  The weight of the boat rests on its keel and is supported by keel stands, keel benches or blocking.  However, our stands have been independently tested and still function even under a 30,000lb. / 13,600kg load.

I see knock offs on the market.  Why are yours better?

  • We utilize a solid steel, acme threaded rod.  
  • They are durable and can be adjusted even under tremendous load.  
  • Other commercially available stands have a hollow shaft and poor threads that bind. 
  • Brownell Boat Stands are best selling stands in the world and are preferred by professionals
  • All of our stands are 100% American made using American tubular steel.  Asian steel varies widely in quality and is susceptible to rusting quickly.  Bases made of angle iron aren’t as strong and damage more readily
  • We use a skilled American labor force that takes pride in its work.
  • Our handles and nuts are made of solid steel for superior strength.  Others use fragile castings and are susceptible to breaking.
  • Our stands have been certified to work at loads of over 30,000lbs. / 13,600kg.    
  • We use marine grade plywood pads.
  • All of our stands are dipped in paint or hot dipped galvanized to provide rust protection inside the tube.

Why should I use keel stands?

Keel stands are a fast, labor saving alternative to wood blocks.  They are much faster to install than moving several blocks into each position under the keel.  Since they are adjustable, shims are no longer required.  Brownell Keel Stands are made in America using 100% American steel.  They are built to last many years and do not deteriorate like wood.

How many keel stands do I need under my boat?

We recommend one keel stands for every 10,000lbs / 4,550kgs of vessel weight; always using a minimum of two keel stands.

I store large, wide keel boats.  Some of them have hollow keels.  Is there anything that I can use to replace wood blocks?  The wood is just too heavy and time consuming?

Brownell now sells keel benches in two heights – 16”/41cm and 28”/70cm.  Both are 24”/61cm wide.  We recommend one keel bench for every 20,000lbs / 9,000kgs of vessel weight.  They are fast to install and have a long service life.